Ken & Emilie Corcoran

 When we were growing up in the 1950s and 60s, both of our families had summer cabins on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. We have many happy memories of summers at Tahoe, including meeting each other there as teenagers. In the mid 1990ʼs, we decided to build our own home at Tahoe, so that our children and grandchildren could have some of the same wonderful experiences that we had. We spent several years wandering through construction sites and open houses gathering ideas about what we liked and did not like. For the most part, it seemed that houses in our price range lacked creativity and quality workmanship.

About 1998, we walked through a home designed and built by David Hopp that was nearing completion. We were immediately impressed by the quality of workmanship, the creative use of available space, and the beautiful use of natural materials. We left that day thinking that we had found someone to design and build our dream home. 

We were able to get on his schedule and we enjoyed many hours together as he worked with us on a design. We really wanted to have a loft but had not been able to find a plan we liked that included one. David was able to listen to our dreams and create a home that we loved.... loft and all.

We began construction In July of 2001, and were fortunate to observe the construction for most of the 13 month project. We soon realized that David only used employees and sub contractors that lived up to his high standards.

We were continually impressed with his ability to manage the project, supervise workers, and deal with issues involving government agencies and the permit process. 

We also appreciated his honesty, integrity and his design and building knowledge.  

In August of 2002, our home was completed on time and within budget. Years later, we continue to marvel at and appreciate the great design and detailed craftsmanship.  We love having friends and family visit and we cheerfully accept the numerous compliments we receive from them.

When, in 2006, we had the need to design and build a second home in the Tahoe area, there was no question that we would once again turn to David Hopp for the design and construction.

That in itself speaks volumes.

With his usual professionalism, he created and built a second beautiful house for us - our 3 generations still enjoy the use of both homes today.

Rafid Tuma

The planning, design, and execution of the remodel and addition exceeded my expectations.

I am very happy with the outcome!

Mark Kalisch

I looked at many different sites with David. His simple explanation, made me realize the last site we looked at was the perfect fit for me!

Because of his past experience as a Real Estate Broker, he also saved me $25,000 during the land acquisition.

I had been saving pictures and ideas for around ten years. When it came time to design, he was very encouraging as I shared my thoughts and ideas. We spent a fair amount of time looking at other homes having bits and pieces of the design elements I liked, which he said was "quite helpful."

I thought we worked well together, and he made it fun!

He was very helpful throughout the design process, easily explaining the pro & cons, and costs of each element considered because of his building background. I liked how he incorporated all my design aspects and elements into a great plan that fit my lifestyle.

In the end, when I saw the final rendering, it knocked my socks off!

Greg Paulson, Paulson Construction

David Hopp has designed many homes, four of which I've had the privilege of building. His knowledge and design in building are second to none. He takes great care in designing homes that fit his clients' needs, lifestyle, and budget. He also designs homes that are builder friendly and site specific.

Rick Taylor, CEO, Lefever Buildings systems, Golden, CO

David was instrumental in helping me design a new office in my home. With a very small investment of his time, he was able to understand my desires and make key design recommendations that helped the new office fit with the rest of the home, while being a striking stand-alone addition. The new space is a terrific architectural enhancement as well as a significant addition providing functional, appealing living space in our home with a very distinctive style and flair. 

Ken Wittels, Wittels Engineering

David has provided me with well-designed architectural and structural plans, designed with Autocad, of which I provided him with the structural engineering. These well thought out plans are architecturally pleasing and designed with the owners’ budget and layout in mind. High craftsmanship is prevalent throughout the finished product.