Project Timeline


We supply all of our clients with a project timeline, so they can familiarize themselves with the process of how we build their home, before, and as it goes up. This helps alleviate any potential surprises and keep them on track with the tasks & operations we perform from day-to-day, as well as alerting them to time sensitive items they need to address, so we can all work together to keep the project on schedule & within budget.


1) Remove trees, select and store trunks for pillars and posts, etc. 

   (CALL U.S.A. 800 227-2600) 

2) Clear and clean lot. 

3) Layout foundation and chalk; mark sewer & water lines. 

4) Excavate for water and sewer lines; install lines, inspect and backfill.  

   (Underground utilities too, if applicable) 

5) Excavate foundation - Foundation lumber and re-bar drop. 

6) Form and pour foundation walls - account for HVAC & plumbing cutouts, etc. 

  (ORDER pump and vibrator). Pour garage slab, sub-area, meter shed and Deck pads; slurry coat    driveway, or pave. Do extra footage for winter storage on hard-pack for environmental regulations. 

7) ORDER windows and 1st. Floor framing package w/2nd. Floor joists. 

8) HVAC - Install furnace base and plenum in sub-area. 

9) 1st. Floor Sub-Frame; frame garage & posts as Plumbing and HVAC is installed in the 


10) Install plywood sub-floor; cut out for HD’s where needed. 

    Sand and Adze 2nd. Floor Joists. 

11) Frame first floor walls (with shear & WDWS if possible). SCHEDULE S.W. Gas for 

    Gas Line installation.

    Block for wainscoting and toilet accessory backing.   

    Order 2nd. Floor plywood.  

12) 2nd. Floor Joists; nail shear, and install windows, if not already installed. 

13) Install 2nd. Floor plywood; Frame garage soffit. ORDER 2nd. Floor framing package. 

14) 2nd. Floor walls; build lower interior stairs. 

15) Sand & Adze Loft joists; ORDER GLB’s. 

16) Prep GLB’s; ORDER roofing package; prep, cut & stack; cut, drill & screen freeze blocks. 

17) SCHEDULE Painter 4 Fascia. 

18) Set GLB’s; Deck posts; Rafters and Entry pillars. 

19) SCHEDULE Roofer, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Phone, Sound & Alarm. 


20) Roof sheathing and Fascia (pre-finish if applicable). Install Plumber roof jacks for 

    vent pipes. 

21) Roofing. Frame loft floor joists & install 2x6 T&G (if applicable). 

22) In-fill wall framing on gable ends and loft area. 

23) Sheathing & Install WDWS . 

24) Decks. ORDER Appliances. Cut sheets to Cabinetmaker. 

25) SCHEDULE Tile, Masons & Paint/Stain (exterior) . 

26) Siding; Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical, Sound & Alarm; Insulate & Install Fireplaces. 

27) Exterior trim & Paint Exterior, or wait until after item 30. Exterior masonry. 


28) Sheetrock, Tape & Texture; SCHEDULE Cabinetmaker. 

29) Prime and paint interior; (prime & paint garage first).  

30) Install garage doors. 

31) Interior finish-wood to site; take moisture readings; dry in garage; dry until @ <7% moisture. 

32) SELECT & ORDER Countertop Slabs. 

33) Install water heater & F.A.U. heater. 

34) Cut interior ceiling 1x material to fit lower areas. 

35) Install interior ceiling 1x material. 

36) Cut and box WDW trim; Log trim prep. 

37) Install bathroom vanity cabinets. 

38) Install doors; start tile in bathrooms. 

39) Base & Case, finish interior trim. 


41) Interior Fireplace Masonry & finish Tile work. 

42) Install Kitchen cabinets. (Pre stain); ORDER Floor Vents & Carpet. 

43) Install Countertops & Tile Backsplash. 

44) Set finish plumbing. 

45) HVAC, Electrical & Security Finish. 

46) Install Shower Doors and Mirrors. APPLIANCE DELIVERY. 

47) Install Flooring; Sand and Stain, if applicable, Finish with the first 2 coats only. 

48) Install Appliances. 

49) Carpet installation. 

50) End of House Building Appreciation Party. 

51) Screen Floor & Final Coat Flooring, if applicable. 

52) Punch List & Final Coat of Paint.