2nd Generation Builder

I began my career very early under the mentorship of my father, Robert Hopp. 

Bob, as most people called him, had a very strong work ethic. He took a great deal of pride in the work he did for others, always putting forth his best efforts and treating people fairly. Whether it was building a bench or turning out a 100,000+ sq.ft. industrial complex, his “do it right & get it done” attitude built him a reputation that preceded his arrival on the job site.

Clients who hired him knew in advance that when he made a promise, he fulfilled that promise. What I remember most, is how much he loved it. Every minute. He loved the challenge of “getting it done - on time, and done right.” 

He was gregarious and hard working, almost to a fault. He loved to entertain. Current events, political commentary, and conversation were probably second only to his love of the written word. And his love for the written word was eclipsed only by the love we saw demonstrated towards Lois, his wife and my mother. He did so much for his family, and friends. Because his parents left this world when he was still very young, he understood, first-hand, how important family is, what it means to have one, and be part of it. 

As it is said, “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and I gleaned many wonderful attributes from working with dad. Along the way, he gave me some advice, “You will learn more, and become better at being a builder, if you work for a number of different people. Each one of them will show you different ways of doing things and getting them done: from some, you will learn how to do things better, or faster; from others, you’d be better off learning how not to do things. What you learn from each of them is important.” This, I always remembered. . . . 

These are the cornerstones, from which I fashion my life, the business, and fatherhood. 

As it is from generation to generation & designing to building, our transition is seamless.